Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Project 2

SHY GUY SURPRISE My team and I cranked out some great work on this project. The concept is that you are in a real-life Mario Party minigame that addresses the issues behind bullying and school shootings. Bowser is the bully, pushing the perpetrators (Shy Guy) to the brink of shooting innocent bystanders (Princesses, Mario Bros, and Toads). Every bystander that got shot was to stay in place, and hold up a Boo, to show that they had been killed. The Dead Toad prop was just to drive the idea home and make it a little more grim, even when the players were having fun. The Shy Guy mask needed to have lenses, because the shooters should feel completely unknown and unseen as they take pleasure in outing their friends playing as bystanders. It was an absolute pleasure working with Emma, Becca, and Christian on this project. Thanks for the good time, guys.

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